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“YourBabyBooty has the kind of helpful info you won’t find in the pregnancy books & you won’t find it anywhere online because other websites are promoting THEIR products. YourBabyBooty is the place you find non-biased, helpful info to help you get ready for your baby!” – Jennifer B.

“The interviews on yourbabybooty.com are profoundly inspiring, motivating and educational. As a first time mama, I plan on using these courses, interviews, articles & resources as my birth education. Yes, it’s THAT good! I love that i can search according to the topic i am interested in and get information ranging from renowned birthing gurus to your everyday mama. There are definitely some lessons that impacted me so much, I plan on watching them again just before labor to get me pumped for what my body has the capacity to do!” –Katie K.

“Questions that are somewhat embarrassing to ask, Sarah McKay explains them in such detail & I love the straight forward approach. Thank you Your Baby Booty for posting the best content lessons on the site for mommys to be, like me, to feel confident & ready for birth”. –Maria P.

“Hands down, Your Baby Booty is THE Best birth prep I’ve seen. 100% worth it! Learning straight from many of the people I trust most- Moms, Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Doulas, Breastfeeding experts & all the other experts they have is priceless. It’s a no brainer! I recommend Your Baby Booty to everyone remotely thinking about getting pregnant.” –Andreea H.

Dr Bethany Hays testimonial yourbabybooty.com“You want a healthy baby & an easy birth. The trouble is it takes work to make a healthy baby. Yes, mothers have a lot to do with it although not everything…it’s a partnership. If you are not getting good information from friends, from you doctor or midwife, from you own mom, you can find yourself in some pretty uncomfortable or even dangerous situations. So Your Baby Booty has been created by parents who want you to have the best information. Not being paid by doctors, hospitals, drug companies or the government, the creators of Your Baby Booty just want you to have the right information so you can make the decisions that fit you & your family, what ever those decisions ultimately are. We all make better decisions when we have a balance of unbiased opinions. So grab your computer or iPad, expert advice is at the touch of a finger, anytime you have time. This is an investment in your future & your baby’s…so it is an investment in all our futures!” –Dr. Bethany Hays (Mom, Ob/Gyn, Founding Practitioner & Medical Director- True North)

”Your Baby Booty is a website packed full of information designed to provide quick answers to important questions. It’s so encouraging to know there is a website dedicated to moms that provides real answers by trusted experts on a variety of topics that affect us all in different ways & reminds me I’m not alone on this journey” – Natalie R.

Barbara Harper YourBabyBooty.com “Your Baby Booty is a brilliant combination of heart, soul and science. You’ve created a warm, friendly, easy to use site that invites participation and study. Thank you for including me.” –Barbara Harper, RN, CLD, CCCE, DEM (Mom, International Waterbirth Expert, Doula Trainer, Author, Speaker)

”This site provides a wealth of easy to find & easy to digest information for parents to be. From how to find great care providers, to how have the best possible birth experience, to what baby gear is actually useful, to specific tips from experts & actual parents sharing their learning curves—all you need to know is here. If I were a new mom, this would be my go-to Internet home! “-Robbie Davis-Floyd PhD (Mom, author, Birth as an American Rite of Passage; coeditor, Birth Models That Work


“I distinctly remember after my first child thinking, ‘why didn’t anyone tell me? How come no one told me about the realities of delivery or nursing?’ …so many things I wish I’d known about or been better prepared for. It seemed that motherhood was an exclusive club where no one discussed the important topics until after the “initiation” of birth. Sarah & Steve are remarkable people not only because they are incredibly open, caring & genuine, but they’ve created a way in which to take the sorority out of motherhood. I believe that if you want answers, you should have a medium in which to find them. Yourbabybooty has done just that. They’ve spent countless hours obtaining information from all walks of womanhood & have it in one easy to access place for all who are searching for honest, expert & experienced answers. I’m happy to have been a small part in the process & would highly recommend Yourbabybooty to all women on the various stages of the baby path.” – Dawn S.

Photo of Barbara Hotelling Your Baby Booty“Birth professionals like childbirth educators, lactation consultants, birth & postpartum doulas & birth trauma counselors are all wondering the same thing: Why aren’t women getting the evidence-based information they need to make informed decisions? We’re all frustrated because of the trauma to mothers & their families from not knowing their choices ahead of time. There are books, videos, classes & still mothers lack the information they need to take control of their babies’ births. Your Baby Booty gets the information to mothers from trusted professionals & providers. Another wonderful resource for families & in a format that is easily digested. Thanks Sarah and Steve!” –Barbara Hoteling (Mom of 5, Nurse Practitioner, Doula, former President of Lamaze & Doulas of North America)

“I’ve learned the best advice comes from what your gut instinct tells you in combination with what other trusted recent mamas have experienced. What makes Your Baby Booty so unique is that you instantly have at your fingertips access to the trials & triumphs of well respected moms who are running their households & in some cases, running empires. It’s an even bigger help to know that you’re not alone in this quest to be the best parent you can be despite what stage of parenthood you’re in. There is valuable information to help you make better decisions at Your Baby Booty – I sure wish I had this when I was a new mom!” –Martha M.

“You guys have truly changed my whole pregnancy experience! My husband & I have had some amazing discussions about what we really want & have decided to do a natural birth at our local Birth Center using Hypnobabies. This has brought us closer to each other and to our baby. We’ve learned so much about the choices we have, feel confident with the information we’ve gathered & are now excited about the whole process & not just the promise of being parents. Without the support of the information you provide & your encouragement, we would not have been able to take control of these important decisions. We can’t thank you enough!” –Cana Hartman